Push beyond your limits:

Our engaging and fun workshop introduces your team to key high performance behaviours, using Blind Football to show how you can experience change and overcome significant challenges as a team.

  • Learn about the importance of trust, and use it in team activities 
  • Apply collaboration and communication to develop Blind Football skills 
  • Work with your team to devise appropriate tactics to improve team performance when playing Blind Football against others

Raise the bar at work:

Learn the skills on the football pitch, that you can directly apply back in your office with your teams to improve their performance. Our workshop can be tailored, and is perfect for:

  • Team away days
  • New project or team onboarding
  • As part of organisational and cultural change workshops

Our typical workshop structure involves...

Morning: Half day on a 5-a-side football pitch / indoor sports centre 

  • learning and applying key concepts in high-performance teams
  • participating in trust exercises, team-building
  • learning the concepts of blind football, from dribbling, stationary and on-the-move passing, culminating in friendly games, plus a penalty shootout, with awards for the winning teams

Afternoon: Half day spent in a workshop (office / hotel conference room / indoor sports centre/ 5-a-side football pitch) 

  • More detailed look at what makes a high-performance team
  • Reflection on what was learned during the morning
  • Delegates apply the concepts of high performance in order to implement on their return to work - for example, discussing individual role/responsibilities, developing a team charter, discussing team norms etc.
  • Organisational/company discussions

...however, we can customise the day to ensure you and your team get the most out of it. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

What attendees have said...

“I had no idea what I was coming for exactly, I loved every minute of it!!”  

“I enjoyed the game at the end – bringing all of the concepts learned during the workshop together”  

“Loved it – the perfect mix of thought and fear!”  

“Really great fun. Good opportunity to build confidence/trust with others, and a great communication tool”  

Workshop Coaches

Simon Houghton

High Performance Team Coach & Sport Psychologist

Austin Coventry

Leadership Coach & Professional Tennis Coach

To learn how your team's performance can be elevated through our unique workshops, get in touch!