What we have done for some of our clients...

High Growth Recruitment Company (UK) 

OBJECTIVE: Look for ways to improve the profitability of the company and the productivity of the recruitment consultants, without distracting the staff significantly

WHAT WE DID: Implemented a marginal gains programme across the company, following our 5-Stage performance improvement methodology in order to quickly identify, prioritise, implement, review and deploy small initiatives that could result in improvements to either the Client or Candidate process. CEO reported that the progamme's responsible for a 30% improvement in profitability.  

Energy Company (Canada)

OBJECTIVE: Engage with geographically dispersed teams that were needed to collaborate in order to maximise production throughput. One key individual overtly questioned the initiative and refused to participate. 

WHAT WE DID: Worked onsite in the Operations Team for 2 weeks and coached both the individual in question, as well as the cross-functional team to understand the barriers to changing. Running a mixture of behavioural assessments, 1:1 coaching sessions and group coaching sessions, we identified the key issues, which were around lack of communication from management, "Big Brother" and fear of change. We worked with them during a full 2-week shift, earning trust, understanding their concerns and working through the issues. At the end of the 2 weeks, there was a complete mindset shift from the team, in particular the key individual. The team participated in the new initiative which was responsible for an increase in production worth $18M in the first year of deployment.

Oil & Gas Business Unit (Australia)

OBJECTIVE: A newly implemented initiative was designed to bring Office and Field personnel together in order to collaborate more effectively, resulting in lower costs, improved productivity and production, and reduced HSE exposure. Unfortunately the none of the required behaviours were being utilised, 6 months post-deployment. A turnaround was required in order to ensure a positive ROI. 

WHAT WE DID: After an intial assessment, we identified key issues, such as the wrong organisational support model, wrong focus for the support team, and changed from a 'do everything' to a focus on short-term only. Spent time with the Field personnel to develop trust and build relationships in order to effect change in the way of working. Over the course of 4 months, we implemented the new changes, and the overall programme achieved positive ROI within 6 months of our initial assessment, predominantly through improved production, and reduced costs.

Engineering Consultancy (UK)

OBJECTIVE: Support the CEO as the company has grown from 1 to 20 in 2 years.

WHAT WE DID: Provide ongoing leadership coaching throughout the current journey of the business, supporting the CEO in a range of challenges, including recruitment, overseas expansion, and HR challenges. Provided input into their annual strategic review. Responsible for supporting the CEO in developing a high performing culture as the company grows, providing coaching to key teams and individuals, and providing high performance behaviour and productivity training.

Social Care Enterprise (UK)

OBJECTIVE: This Social Care Enterprise had a business-critical process around booking families with Support Workers. This process was manually created, overly complicated and time consuming, approaching 15 man-days every month. We were asked to look at ways to streamline the process. 

WHAT WE DID: After mapping out the complex process, we worked as a small team to identify what excellent looks like, and what steps in the process could be removed. We introduced automation, and manage by exception approaches to supporting the process. We helped reduce the process from 15 man-days to 2 man-days. We worked with the team to look out for, and to implement, small changes that could improve performance further, and they have continued to do this, reducing the process end-to-end time even further.  


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